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Policies — Learn to Swim, Baby Classes & Private Lessons


  1. Cancellation policy – If your child cannot attend their lesson, please notify us before the cancellation cut off times otherwise you will be charged for the lesson.

    1. Morning classes — Cancellations are to be made before 8am

    2. Afternoon classes  — Cancellations are to be made before 1pm

    3. Cancellations are to be either made whilst at the centre or via phone call to the centre on 49543300 during office hours. Notification via any other means, e.g.  Social media, may not be accepted.

    4. If you wish to change your child’s swimming lesson to a different time and/or day, the above cancellation policy still applies.


  1. To hold a permanent position in one of our Learn to Swim Classes you are required to pay one lesson in advance.

    1. Those who pay for their lesson on a weekly basis must pay the following week’s lesson in full to hold the position.

    2. Those who pay for 10 lessons in advance, their position is automatically held.

    3. We are unable to hold permanent positions if you are going to be away for more than 2 weeks in a row. However, you may pay for any additional lessons missed to hold the position


  1. In the event your child’s teacher is away we will provide another teacher to cover the class at the same time. Unfortunately we are not able to notify parents of staff being away until you arrive at the centre.


  1. In the event of being short staffed due to sudden staff illness or other circumstances, we have the right to condense classes to ensure all children can still have a lesson at their original time.


  1. When moving up classes we aren’t able to guarantee a permanent position in the next level for the following week. Swimmers may have to remain in their current class until a position becomes available in the next level.  We will endeavour to get your child a position in the next level by placing them on a waitlist at a suitable time, and may be able to get them in the next level on cancellation spots until a permanent position becomes available.


  1. Private lessons.

    1. Due to limited availability we are not able to offer ongoing private lessons. Our private lessons are there to assist children in progressing through our mainstream Learn to Swim Program.

    2. Once the instructor feels that the swimmer is capable of joining a specific class, the swimmers is no longer offered private lessons and the position is then available for someone else. Office staff will help assist the transition from private lesson to the class.

    3. If a child continuously proves to be too difficult for the instructor and their behaviour is affecting other swimmers in the class, we may have to discontinue their lessons and offer only private lessons until the instructor is satisfied that they can return to group lessons.

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